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Make Your Closing
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Triplett Title Handles All the Details

Title insurance removes the risk in purchasing property. It essentially prevents your risk and loss from problems that may arise in your title due to events that may have happened in the past, such as liens, title errors, claims, and fraudulent activities.

At Triplett Title, we'll conduct a title examination and insure your mortgage or owner interest in your property. Our experienced title examiners do a diligent search of public title records to discover potential problems and detail any outstanding issues that might affect your rights. After we identify any problems, we'll work to remedy them, and help to make your property achieve a clear title.

If title problems are eventually found despite our research, the title insurance will pay the cost of defending your interest against a dispute or claim.

Why Use Triplett Title?

  • We work with buyers, sellers, realtors, lenders, surveyors, home inspectors, attorneys, and builders to coordinate closing details.
  • We do title searches and prepare a title commitment that specifies all required closing documents.
  • We clear title problems and aim to acquire documentation that corrects title defects.
  • We do after-closing follow ups by gathering satisfactions of mortgages, judgments and liens that were paid.
  • We close transactions by:
    • obtaining necessary signatures
    • notarizing signed documents
    • collecting and dispursing funds to proper parties
    • recording the documents
  • We issue final title policies for the new home owner and mortgage lender.
  • We offer assistance as a closing agent for property exchange.
  • We are experts in the short sale process, from listing to closing.